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Shalom everyone!


We had the fruitful meeting with different bishops and pastors from few regions of Russia and Belorussia in Sankt-Petersburg on 20th May. Ural, Kaliningrad, Belorussia and etc. We spoke of “Theology of a work place “. I see that lots of pastors are beginning to change their point of vision. They turn back to us. Many servants of God begin to see, to hear and listen to us. I believe that it is time of changes in Russia. I believe that this activity will bring a God’s wind of change for our country for every spheres of our state. God shall be Lord in all.
This can change the political situation in whole world. Belorussia and Ural want to hold our seminars for their regions in this year. They want to participate in organization of the BB College, too. It’s very well. But I see that we will be needed to have some good teachers for the BB College.
We made a decision to start Bible Business College in Sankt-Petersburg in the autumn. Now we are testing the program for BB College, every second Saturday we hold two seminars. one session of “TWL” another “You can start of business” for six-seven hours. On 10th and 11th June we will be holding two presentation seminars in Kaliningrad.
Tomorrow we will hold next seminar for different association of Russia.

Alexandr Vlasov
ICCC Contact Person

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